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Wuxi Lilai Technology Co.,Ltd.was established in July 2020,which is located in Hudai Industrial Park,Binhu District,Wuxi City.It is a new technology enterprise.Wuxi Silicon Valley Power Technology Co.,Ltd.,a subsidiary of Li Lai,has many professional certificates and is the core R&D team of Li Lai.The company is mainly engaged in SMT processing,chip processing,home appliance control board research and development and production,circuit board processing,all kinds of controller research and development,production and sales,to undertake all kinds of PCBA SMT and DIP OEM business,controller use types cover instruments and equipment,new energy,Internet of Things,environmental protection and other fields.The company has been engaged in the industry from management to workers for more than 10 years,with professional knowledge and strong professional skills,but also has a strong concept of quality and service awareness,to ensure the quality of products.

The company has a strong global supply chain platform,can save costs for you;Strong engineering and technical team to connect with customers,timely solve problems,save time and worry;20,000 square meters of dust-free production workshop,with a strong manufacturing capacity;The company has a strong capital strength,you can provide financing assistance.Through our established supply chain management,our customers will benefit from our superior quality and low prices achieved through global sourcing activities between manufacturers and distributors.Through regular benchmarking activities,we check the competitiveness of our suppliers to ensure the availability of purchased parts.

Lilai carefree on time delivery and customer satisfaction after sales service,formed from research and development,design,manufacturing,processing and production of one-stop service.In our continuous improvement of the management system,and constantly improve the quality of products,hope to get your attention and support,looking forward to providing you with more reasonable price quality more professional products and services.

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Contact person:Fang Hongyang

Fax:+86 510 85580169

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5 advantages

Li Lai technology 5 big advantages

  • 10 years industry experience

  • Experience in advanced equipment

  • Professional Technical Team

  • High-tech enterprise

  • Full after-sales service

10 years industry experience

The company has its own laboratory and development team (hardware, software and structural engineers), are in the industry more than 10 years of technical backbone.

The company has the scale production capacity of standard specification; With advanced and perfect testing means to ensure product quality, after-sales service is guaranteed.

Experience in equipment

SMT workshop: two imported high-speed SMT mounting lines, the average daily patch up to 2 million points , can mount 0201,0402, and other precision devices, device types involved in dense foot IC, QFN, QFP, BGA, WLCSP, etc.

Equipped with professional inspection and testing instruments, it can realize "high difficulty, large volume" electronic assembly operations.

Professional Technical Team

The company has a professional solid, unity and enterprising, energetic technology research and development team, with modern management consciousness of the management team and forge ahead, superb business marketing team.

Support customization, professional production research and development, high quality, trustworthy.

High-tech enterprise

The company from management to workers with higher professional knowledge and strong professional skills, but also has a strong quality concept and service awareness, to ensure the quality of products.

The cooperation between the company and customers is flexible and varied, including OEM, ODM and joint development. Our customers are distributed both at home and abroad, and we are qualified suppliers of the world top 500 enterprises.

Full after-sales service

Later the whole process of tracking, excellence, to ensure that the after-sales service system to your satisfaction.

There is no need to worry about after-sale service when shopping. I will help you solve all the problems.

Lilai technology


  • Corporate philosophy

    Business philosophy

    Create value, happy employees, serve the society, make the sky bluer, make the earth greener.

    Online consulting
  • Corporate philosophy

    Business philosophy

    Create value, happy employees, serve the society, make the sky bluer, make the earth greener.

    Online consulting
  • Quality assurance

    Professional Technical Team

    The company has ISO9001, ISO14000 certification system certificate, so meet the requirements of environmental protection.

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  • Production guarantee

    Ensure on-time delivery

    Wuxi Lilai introduced high quality production lines from Samsung and other industries, providing guarantee for timely delivery of mass production orders.

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  • All-the-way tracking

    Strive for perfection

    Lilai has developed a whole-process marketing service system to collect timely market data for controllers in various industries, and constantly improve and improve product performance.

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  • Individual character development

    Professional Technical Team

    team members have more than 10 years of industry experience, can be customized for individual needs of customers.

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  • Corporate philosophy

    Business philosophy

  • Quality assurance

    Professional Technical Team

  • High efficiency capacity

    Ensure on-time delivery

  • All-the-way tracking

    Strive for perfection

Lilai Technology • Application Field

Application field

  • Contact person: Chen Zhongyue
  • Contact number: 15852795419
  • Fax:+86 510 85580169
  • Email address:
  • Web site:
  • Address: 3rd Floor, Factory Building B, No. 9, United Road, North Hu Dai Industrial Park, Binhu District, Wuxi City